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In lieu of my traditional blog post, here are some important facts about the private school education system in Canada. Published in 2015, a Statistics Canada study compared the academic progress of over 7,000 public and private school students aged 15 to 23, collecting data from the year 2000 onwards. These are the most notable results:
  • private school students outperformed public school students by around 8% in the reading test. The gap was higher in the math and science tests. At age 15, private high school students scored significantly higher than did public high school students on reading, mathematics, and science assessments
  • private school students were more likely to pursue graduate and professional degrees (like medicine, law, dentistry)
  • By age 23, 99% of private school students had graduated from high school, about 3 percentage points above the figure for public school students
  • 35% of private school students had graduated from university by 23, whereas 21% of public school students graduated from university by the same age
Other interesting statistics:
  • Ontario private school enrolment made up only 1.9% of the student population in 1960. By 2006, it was 5.6% indicating a gradual increase
  • private high school students are more likely to attend postsecondary school by 5 to 9 percentage points
  • Including St. Jude's Academy, there are only 7 schools in Ontario that offer all three of the World IB programs: PYP, MYP, DP; and there are only 13 certified IB schools in Ontario total

These facts support an increasing awareness of the benefits of a private school education. Did any of these facts surprise you? Please leave a comment below!

Facts and figures from Statistics Canada and the Fraser Institute

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