POLL: what do you value most in a school?



While sincerely surveying what values are prioritized in the online community, I also want to draw your attention to the character of the entries. Each possible answer represents an advantage of a private school education. In regards to Academic Quality, being a registered IB World School requires a private school to adhere to a strict international standard of education. A Personalized Approach is what your child can look forward to in a smaller class size and an individualized learning outcome with more quality one-on-one time with teachers. This is also a must for students with learning disabilities. The benefits of a smaller class size are amplified by High Quality Teachers who are found in registered IB schools because they have undergone additional certification to meet the standards of the IB Governance. Extracurricular activities are usually more numerous in Ontario private schools, and in order to develop the IB World Model of the "well-rounded student", sports and clubs are strongly encouraged.


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