Inquiry-Based Learning and its Benefits

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In order to prevent students from becoming passive learners and instead develop important life skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving, IB World schools encourage inquiry-based learning in the classroom. This is when classroom learning and discussions are driven by the students themselves, whose questions are utilized by the teacher and guided to ensure all the material is being covered, but in a way that allows students to exercise their agency, become confident speakers in front of their peers, and be curious about their education!

Research has demonstrated that when students participate in meaningful classroom discussions and actively participate in their own quest for knowledge, they make deeper connections to concepts which results in long-term academic and professional benefits. With inquiry-based learning, when students ask questions educators are not simply giving them the answers like a lightning round Q&A session. Teachers work with students to discover the rights answers together. Students are not simply being taught the answers, they are being provided with the process to discover solutions, which they will learn to adapt and apply to other situations. This enables students to feel proud about their progress, and motivates them to participate in class and become more interested in the material being covered.

To learn about the concept-based learning model we employ at St. Jude's Academy, please check out Ms. Chin's post!

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