Higher Education Leads to Higher Incomes


Toronto Star education reporter extraordinaire Louise Brown provides definitive research that shows that a university education does lead to an above-average income with a substantial growth in earnings over time. The study cited was conducted by the Education Policy Research Initiative in tandem with Statistics Canada, and reached its conclusion after tracking the annual income of over 340,000 graduates from 14 colleges and universities across four provinces from 2005 to 2013. One particular fact from the report that I would like to quote is: "University grads with a BA saw their salaries grow by about $4,200 per year".

But aside from reiterating these impressive statistics (which you can read for yourself over at The Star), I would like to impress upon my readers that now that the importance of a university education has been established in achieving a higher income, it is therefore equally important to ensure admittance into said university program. How can one guarantee this outcome? Enrolling at an Ontario private school is a good start. The majority of the province's private schools report a near 100% university admission rate among their graduating students. However, selecting an International Baccalaureate (IB) World school is even more prudent to ensuring student success and thereby gaining admittance to the most coveted universities. Because the IB Diploma Program is an international standardized education system, universities worldwide recognize its legitimacy, reputation, and prestige and it carries great weight during the application process.


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