Questions to Ask Private Schools

Mississauga private schools

Parents considering which Mississauga private school they should enrol their child in may consider their task to be quite daunting. However, with the aid of a few important research questions and pointers, it becomes much easier to narrow down your choices for choosing the best school for your family.

Firstly, once you have a potential private school in mind, it is recommended to analyze their online presence and resources. Does the private school have a credible website? How transparent are they about their program? What kind of information do they provide (i.e. do they provide access to their teachers' profiles)? Is it easy to schedule a campus tour with the school? These attributes will reveal just how invested a private school is with communicating openly with families.

After this rudimentary background research, there a number of key questions you can ask the administration on a school tour:

1. What is the private school's mission statement?
2. What is their affiliation?
3. What is the average classroom size?
4. Which universities does their graduating class get accepted into?
5. What policies are in place to help struggling students, or those with special accommodation needs?
6. What learning methods are used in the curriculum (i.e. concept-based learning or inquiry-based learning)?
7. How does the school promote an education for the "whole child" or well-rounded individual?

Selecting a private school is an important task, the outcome for which usually decides a child's education future. These questions will help you in your journey to select the best Mississauga private school for your child. Good luck!

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